Carlos 1 Brandy

Visually, it is a beautiful deep amber color, punctuated with bold gold accents. Intensely aromatic with vanilla and cacao notes. On the palate, it is persistent, balanced and complex.

El Maestro Sierra Solera Reserva

Traditional Brandy of Jerez is aged similarly to Sherry: in a Solera where bottles are pulled from the oldest casks and refilled from progressively younger ones. The El Maestro Sierra Brandy Gran Reserva is sourced from casks dating back to the founding of the estate in 1830.
These casks are then blended in solera with Brandies aged a minimum of 40 years in old Oloroso casks. The final spirit is bottled without filtration. Only 40 bottles are available for export each year. Old wood, tobacco and myriad of other aromas are constantly evolving in the glass.

Peach Street Pear Brandy

Each bottle contains approximately 20 pounds of Palisade pears. Open air fermented, distilled once, and aged in 100-gallon French and American oak barrels. Each spring, Peach Street Distillers places 1000 bottles over baby pears to let the pear grow inside the bottle.

Torres 10 yr Brandy

Strong aroma and has warm hints of spices towards a lush and lingering aftertaste in which the aromatic overtones of the oak are revealed. Enjoy the taste in a cocktail.

Torres 30 yr Brandy

A special 30 year old brandy from Torres, named for the founder of the House, Jaime Torres Vendrell. It's a blend of brandies from their oldest soleras, including Parellada wines originally destined for the Torres 10 aged for an extra chunk of time and a small amount of their rare 1972 Folle Blanche eaux-de-vie.

Singani 63

Singani is a spirit that has been produced since 1530. It has its own DO (denomination of origin) and GI (geographical indication) and can only be produced in the Bolivian Andes. The grapes (of which only muscat of Alexandria can be used) must be planted at a minimum of 5250 feet (1600 meters). As Singani is not recognized as its own spirit category in most of the world, it can only be described as a brandy, but it is better to think of it as an eau-de-vie.


Patagonia's first-ever distilled Spirit with an apple & pear brandy base, which is then infused with herbs and berries native to Patagonia. A truly unique spirit whose flavor profile sits somewhere between a gin and agave spirits.

Vieux Marc de Bourgogne Brandy

Meuzard’s Vieux Marc de Bourgogne, an 18 year old marc brandy offers an intriguing bouquet of freshly roasted almonds, honeysuckle and oak, while offering dried plum and raisin notes on the palate.

Jelinek Slivovitz

A plum brandy from the Czech Republic that clocks in at 100 proof - great for keeping you warm in those winter months.

Cognac / Armagnac

Dupeyrat Cognac

Aromas are redolent of ripe juicy apricots with hints of tropical fruit. Rich and sweet in the mouth, flavors are pristine and focused with stone fruit, white tea and fresh flowers shining through. Smooth and balanced.

Dupeyrat Rare Prestige Cognac

This easy-drinking Cognac smells like dessert—think caramel, baked pear and marzipan. Fleeting sweetness on the feather-light palate echoes those aromas as delicious vanilla, almond and creamy flan wind into a zingy citrus finish accented by ginger.

Dupeyrat XO Cognac

This is a beauty, rich in Sherry and birch beer-like notes, dappled with cinnamon and allspice. The dry finish suggests accents of cocoa and leather.

D'Usse Cognac


Frapin Cognac

An elegant VSOP Cognac from renowned Cognac house Frapin, blended from eaux-de-vie made exclusively from grapes from the Grande Champagne region of Cognac. Light vanilla nose and a full bodied, spicy, floral and fruity taste.

Frapin XO Cognac

Frapin VIP XO is a spicy and floral Cognac with lots of the characteristics that you'd expect from a Grande-Champagne-heavy blend of eaux-de-vie. This was the only Cognac served on British Airways Concorde flights.

Hardy VSOP Cognac

Hardy VSOP Cognac Fine Champagne is a Cognac with at least 50% Grande Champagne and the rest Petite Champagne. Light and fresh with aromas of citrus, orange blossom and vanilla.

Loujan Armagnac

The twelve year old Loujan Bas Armagnac is a wonderful combination of Bacco and Ugni Blanc grapes. Produced in the Grand Bas Armagnac, this Armagnac was distilled to a low degree in a traditional alembic armagnacaise and aged in French oak barrels.

Maison Rouge VSOP

Maison Rouge VSOP is a deep mahogany Cognac. This eau-de-vie born on the fruity side shows more vanilla, tobacco and cedar hints because of the aging process. Cinnamon becomes nutmeg mixed with flavors traditionally associated with aged Cognac such as
rancio and candied fruit. On the palate, spices and dry fruit aromas embrace toasted bread notes. Its spicy finish provides a subtle tone of nutmeg and prune.

Pierre Ferrand 1840 Recipe Cognac

1840 Cognac offers ripe, juicy grapes to the nose, accented with meadow flowers, notes of acacia tree blossom and a bracing hint of cedar. On the palate, it's warm with fruit notes yet still very clean. The finish shows lots of honey and spice.

Pierre Ferrand Ambre Cognac

An amber, almost golden yellow color. The subtle vanilla nose develops floral notes of rose and violet. Fruity plum and apricot aromas, move towards notes of sweet apple and pear pastries. Pierre Ferrand Ambre is fresh and well-balanced on the palate.

Pierre Ferrand Renegade Barrel Cognac

Pierre Ferrand Renegade Barrel is a rare example of double-matured Cognac. Aged in a combination of Cognac and Sauternes casks, this is rich with a hint of sweetness.


Chateau Du Breuil Calvados

Two years of an aging in oaks casks give a gold color to the fruity taste of its youth. Vigorous and fresh on the palate, it's a product carrying the "Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée".

Chateau Du Breuil VSOP Calvados

Four years minimum aging in oak casks give Château du Breuil Calvados V.S.O.P. softness and a balanced amber color. The fruity elegance of an "Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée” Calvados.

Daron Calvados

Succulent nose, not in the least aggressive, with an attractive smell of apples. Fruity aromas of fresh apple, pear and vanilla.

Eric Bordelet 35 yr Calvados