Absolutely Fabulous (Jamaica)

The nose neat offered plenty of sweetness; passion fruit soufflé in a brandy snap basket, mixed berries sorbet with vanilla shortbread cookies and rum crème caramel. However there were also slightly oily, maybe pickled olives or even petrol, aromas lurking in the background. On the palate plenty of spice; ginger pasta with curried sweet potatoes or wasabi-crusted chicken breasts dipped in a teriyaki sauce while in the finish a lingering salted dark chocolate and orange mousse.

AD Rattray Trinidad Caroni

Extremely limited edition of 290 bottles, emerging from a single cask. 13 years old, cask strength, and zero additives. Aromas of brown sugar, tropical fruit and bananas with a subtle smoky finish. Very distinctive, unique and delicious rum. Delightfully weird and glorious. A rum for whisky lovers.

Angostura 1824 12 yr (Trinidad/Tobago)

A blend of the finest mature rums, hand-picked by the master blender from select casks. These rums are aged in charred American oak bourbon barrels for a minimum of 12 years and then skillfully hand-blended and re-casked. Smooth and well-rounded.

Appleton 12 yr Rare Blend (Jamaica)

Select aged rums, all matured for at least 12 years. A constantly evolving taste experience - you’ll find deep oak, fruity, and cocoa notes, followed by delicate molasses, vibrant orange peel, rich vanilla, subtle coffee and a hint of almond.

Appleton Estate 21 yr (Jamaica)

A fabulous combination of aged rums, all matured for at least 21 years. Powerful flavor with delicate citrus, spice and wood notes. You will also discover mellow orange peel, deep vanilla, rich nutmeg, warm coffee and cocoa notes.

Appleton Estate Reserve

20 select aged rums, aged for an average of 6 years. Full bodied, smooth and delicately balanced spice and nutty notes, followed by oaky honey, subtle vanilla and a hint of hazelnut - all wrapped in rich, dried orange peel.

Appleton Estate Signature Blend

15 select rums, aged for an average of 4 years. Perfectly balanced complex citrus and fruit notes with subtle orange peel, dried apricot, fresh peach and a hint of molasses and woody notes.

Bacardi Anejo Cuatro

Bacardi Anejo Cuatro is aged for a full four years under the Caribbean sun, with notes of mild vanilla, toasted oak, clove and honey. The perfect Rum to enhance your classic cocktail.

Banks 5 Yr Rum

A blend of white rums from 5 different Caribbean nations: Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, Java, and Guyana. Hints of tropical flowers and citrus with big mid-palate taste and a nice finish of pepper and ginger. A unique drink on its own and perfect for cocktails.

Banks 7 Golden Age Rum

23 different rums from seven different countries (Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados, Indonesia, Panama and Guatemala), have been blended together under the watchful eye of master blender Arnaud de Trabuc. Banks 7 is named in tribute to the seven unique styles of rum used to create this stunning drink.

Barbancourt 4 YR

Aromas of vanilla and spice and a fresh finish with aromatic finish and a hint of pepper.

Barbancourt 8 YR

Aromas of vanilla and pepper with notes of roasted, cooked fruits and orange marmalade.

Barbancourt 15 YR

A gorgeous rum produced from fresh sugarcane, distilled in copper pot stills and aged 15 years in French limousine casks. A clean, smooth, unforgettable finish. A rum that inspires poetry, dance and lovemaking.

Baron Samedi Spiced Rum

Bear Creek Cask Strength Rum (Denver)

A drinkable cask strength rum with a smooth finish and loads of vanilla, oak, and caramel on the nose and tongue.

Bounty Rum Aged (St. Lucia)

The most popular rum on St. Lucia, Bounty Rum is a blend of aged column and pot still rums. Bounty is a slightly sweet rum with hints of banana and dried fruit leading to vanilla notes finishing with a lingering charred oak tone. Also bottled as a white rum, Bounty's clean taste and finish mixes well with fruit juice in cocktails.

Bounty Rum Dark (St. Lucia)

The added pot still rum delivers a punchy character that mixes with a velvety body, and a long smooth finish with radiant splendor.

Bounty Rum Spiced (St. Lucia)

Sweet spiced nose with vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon leading to honeyed raisin fruit with an explosion of vanilla and nutmeg on the palate. All natural local ingredients for a authentic Lucian spiced rum.

Bounty Rum White (St. Lucia)

Clean with fresh tropical citrus on the nose. The opening on the palate offers some sweetness, which gives way to a mellow citrus character on the finish.

Brugal Anejo Rum (Dominican Republic)

Nose: Light aromas of wood with subtle hints of chocolate.

Palate: Beautiful buttery flavors and slight hints of caramel dance inside your mouth.

Aftertaste: Long, dry and pleasant.

Cadenhead's Haitian 9yr Rhum (Haiti)

Another eye-catching rum produced by Cadenhead, Scotland's oldest independent bottler. Cadenheads Haitian 9 year old rum! A true product of Haiti produced at 46% and aged for 9 years.

Centenario 7 Yr Rum (Costa Rica)

Ron Centenario Anejo Especial Rum is a blend of fine rums aged in oak barrels, carefully preserved to offer a mature rum of exceptional quality, full flavor and great body.

Centenario 12 Yr Rum

Deep amber in color, with a warm nose of caramel and baking spices. Palate is wonderfully harmonious with baked apple pie notes and more spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon.

Ron Centenario 25 yr (Costa Rica)

The 25 year expression uses the solera aging method, which involves retaining a bit of the oldest rum in the barrel and blending with the next oldest. Sweet and elegant with a rich aroma of tropical fruits, molasses, tobacco, and oak. Should be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Clairin Casimir (Haiti)

Clairin Casimir Rum is a Haitian agricole rum double distilled at the Clairin distillery in the village of Baraderes. A rich and herbaceous white rum.

Clairin Sajous (Haiti)

The 2016 vintage of Clairin Sajous – Haitian agricole rum double distilled at the Chelo distillery in the village of St Michel de l'Attalaye. A pure, fruity and herbaceous white rum.

Clairin Vaval (Haiti)

A white agricole rum distilled in a continuous Creole still at the Arawaks distillery in the village of Cavaillon, Haiti. Big, bold and showing excellent balance between sweetness and bitterness, this has notes of raspberry, strawberry, dark chocolate, nuts and dried fruits.

Damoiseau Rum (Guadeloupe)

A silky smooth white rhum, it is distilled once and rested 6 months in an oak vat before it is slowly reduced to bottle proof with the addition of distilled natural spring water. The character of this rhum is unparalleled with savory aromas and tropical flavors of the exemplary Guadeloupian style of fine Rhum Agricole.

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva

A complex blend of Copper pot still rums aged for 12 long years, has a distinctive nose, showing fruit cake, rum'n'raisin ice cream, cocoa, dried ginger, cinnamon and clove. Develops baked bananas with fudge sauce and chewy toffee notes alongside vanilla oak and a deeper note of syrupy gingerbread, with hints of orange zest.

Diplomatico 2000 Single Vintage

Aromas of spice, vanilla and caramel, a mouthfeel that is silky and flavorful with golden syrup, vanilla oak, nutmeg spice, tobacco and dried apricots.

Diplomatico Anejo

An extraordinary blend of rums aged for up to eight years. It is a great balance of complex pot still rums and light column still rums, with all the pot still rums being distilled from sugarcane honeys. Plum, dried fruit, wood, vanilla.

Don Q Gran Añejo

Hints of tropical fruit, baking spices, pear with smoky, deep oak flavors.

Don Q Signature Release Single Barrel (Dominican Republic)

The second in a line of vintage products being released by Don Q. This 2007 vintage is a single barrel product aged in used American bourbon barrels. In an effort to stay true to their endeavor of creating a true single barrel product, the rum is only blended with water for proofing and no other rums are used in the blending process.

El Dorado 5 yr

Lively with a dried tropical fruit nose with aromas of caramel, butterscotch and molasses. A vibrant spicy entry leads to an evolving palate of fruit, caramel and toasted coconut, fading to a vanilla-tinted glow.

El Dorado 8 yr

Light to medium-bodied nose with hints of tobacco mixed with caramel toffee. Faint aroma of dried stone fruits and flambéed banana. Soft and faintly sweet mouthfeel with traces of oak and butterscotch. Distinctly smooth.

El Dorado 15 yr

Full nose packed with dark coffee, candied orange, almonds, dark chocolate, pepper and rich vanilla. Beautifully rounded palate with a great spread of flavors: grilled tropical fruit with smooth oaky spice – silky, vibrant and moderately full-bodied.

El Dorado Master Blenders Special Edition

This blend offers lively expressions of baked apples that delightfully transcends into an interplay of subtle spices and oaky notes.

Flor de Caña Reserva 7 yr

A round entry leads to medium-bodied palate of dark caramel and toasted nuts. Finishes with a dry toasted coconut fade.

Foursquare 2004 (Barbados)

Rich deep oak notes and spicy/sweet accents with hints of sour mash flavor imparted from again in ex-Bourbon oak. Familiar notes of vanilla and dark chocolate are followed by a long and satisfying finish with gently warming oak.

Foursquare 2005 (Barbados)

Foursquare Rum 2005 is proof that even a decade can make all the difference when it comes to the quality of a fine beverage. This drink is now going on fifteen years old, and the hints of dried fruit, oak, and spices have only gotten stronger and richer. It's more valuable in every way.

Foursquare Criterion (Barbados)

The fifth entry in the limited edition Exception Casks range, this Barbados rum is matured in a combination of ex-bourbon & Madeira casks. Specially selected by outspoken master distiller Richard Seale, it is uncoloured and has no additives – it's as pure a rum as you're going to find.

Foursquare Dominus (Barbados)

An astonishingly good 10-year-old blend of pot- and column-still rums, aged for three years in ex-bourbon barrels and seven years in ex-Cognac casks. Fragrant and decidedly moreish.

FourSquare Port Finish (Barbados)

The nose of this Port Cask finish is classic Foursquare with light oak, vanilla, and tropical fruit aromas. The palate is clean and smooth with some oak and fruit notes. The finish is complexed and slightly dry. Sip neat and enjoy!

Foursquare Premise (Barbados)

Very easy to drink, this new rum from Foursquare was aged in both bourbon and sherry casks for a decade, adding layers of vanilla, brown sugar, tropical fruit and spice. A blend of both pot- and column-still rums, this is destined to be another classic from rum maestro Richard Seale.

Foursquare 11 Year Old (Barbados)

This is combined of two rums: one aged for five years in bourbon and then six years in ex-Zinfandel wine casks, and an 11-year-old matured full term in bourbon casks. These were then blended together and bottled in September 2015. Fruity and full of vanilla notes.

Goslings Family Reserve (Bermuda)

A truly superb dark golden rum made in Bermuda by Gosling's, who are of course much more famous for their Black Seal rum of Dark 'N' Stormy fame. To overlook this complex sipper would be a mistake, however - we think it's a hidden gem.

Gustoso Blanco Rum

Distilled from 100% cane sugar from fields in the eastern hills of Uruapan, Michoacan. Unlike cloyingly sweet rums, this one focuses a bit more on the pure cane sugar flavors. Herbal and fruity with nice balance in this blanco form. On the nose, soft cane frames orchard and tropical fruits. The taste is on the fruity side with a touch of spice to balance out the flavors. The finish is solid with soft fruit and spice lingering.

Gustoso Dark Rum

Dry, yet lush, palate entry with abundant flavors of toffee, baked apple and vanilla bean throughout an enduring finish.

Hamilton Ministry of Rum Overproof Demerara

Hints of burnt caramel, dark fruit and ripe banana are a preview to the heavy, complex taste with layers of cinnamon, dark raisin, dried apricot and baked apples.

Hamilton Navy Strength Rum (West Indies)

Hints of burnt caramel, dark fruit and ripe banana are a preview to the heavy, complex taste with layers of cinnamon, dark raisin, dried apricot and baked apples.

Hamilton Pot Still Jamaica Black

A profoundly complex rum with big flavors of oak, molasses, smoke and dark caramel that awaken the senses with a medium, oily finish.

Hamilton Pot Still Jamaica Gold

A blend of light, very light and heavy pot still rums from the Worthy Park Estate where rum has been made since 1670. Colored with gold-tint sugar-based caramel, this pot still rum embodies the heavy aroma and flavor of Jamaican rum. Over-ripe bananas dominate the aroma and yield to spice, sugar cane and ripe fruit in the body. The finish is reminiscent of the aroma with ripe bananas and vegetal notes.

Hamilton Ministry of Rum Demerara

Deep Amber rum distilled from fermented molasses. Aged up to five years. Rich flavors of dark, stonefruit, smoky wood, burnt cane, molasses and brown spice.

Hamilton Ministry of Rum St. Lucia 7 yr

The aroma of this full flavored pot still rum is heavy with ripe banana, papaya and brown spice. The initial taste warms the mouth with a viscous mouthfeel that follows
the aroma and belies the 93 proof spirit. The finish lingers with cinnamon, pear, apple, smoky oak and a slight tingle on the tongue.

Jamaica Me Crazy (Jamaica)

We run into a freshly-painted candy shop in Kingston, Jamaica, but as the solvent on the nose evaporates it leaves the fruity aroma of strawberry red lace licorice. There are intense reggae flavors of jerked spices, sweet peppers, cranberries and a leather strap.

Matusalem Classico

Ron Matusalem Classico is exotic rum with a golden hue, fashioned from select rums aged in New World oak and aged for 10 years. It encompasses the distinctive quality and outstanding smoothness that enhances the flavor of any cocktail you crave. Brewed today with the original Cuban recipe, Classico is full-bodied with hints of roasted nuts and caramel.

Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 yr

Originally produced over 130 years ago in Santiago de Cuba, known as the 'Cognac of Rums' this 15 year magnificent rum is the ideal choice for those looking for extraordinary quality with refined taste. Not all rums are created equal and one taste of Matusalem Gran Reserva emphasizes this fact. With its pronounced aroma and flavor, Its Complex yet silky smooth, Gran Reserva is quite enjoyable straight or over ice, but will also add a certain flare to your preferred cocktail.


A rum produced from Polynesian molasses and aged in French oak casks. Distinctive tropical and coconut notes and a smooth finish. A proceed of all purchases go to help preserve South Pacific reef and sea life.

Mount Gay Black Barrel

Nose: Richly warming notes of plump sultanas, cracked black pepper and creamy vanilla from the bourbon barrel finish.

Palate: Toasty. Deeply spicy, with plenty of cinnamon. A hint of liquorice and more vanilla.

Finish: A long, balanced finish, drifting between sweet and spice.

Mount Gay XO

Nose: Oaky, dry. Very fragrant, sweet.

Palate: Rich, sweet and fruity. Tropical.

Finish: Light char, biscuity, molasses.

Navazos-Palazzi Rum

The nose opens with alluring aromas of plum, hazelnut and salted caramel, evolving into apricot, citrus fruit, nutmeg and dark chocolate. The dry, elegant palate is brimming with character, offering complex notes of ripe stone fruit, roasted nuts, sea salt and oak, lifted by tangy citrus flavors and vibrant acidity.

New Deal Distiller's Cut (Portland)

Crafted in the French Agricole style, this small-batch rum is distilled in a copper pot still from a sugar cane fermentation to capture a butterscotch aroma with lime blossom overtones, and the taste of caramel and buttercream with hints of green banana. Perfect for a caipirinha, mojito, or classic daiquiri.

Panama Pacific 9 yr (Panama)

The nose offers tropical fruit with notes of banana, orange peel, vanilla and molasses. More vanilla and molasses on the robust palate, with notes of caramel and butterscotch, as well as subtle oak and a hint of hogo. The warm finish lingers with vanilla, molasses, allspice and a touch of bittersweet chocolate. - Daniel Djang

Panama Pacific 23 yr (Panama)

On the nose, there are initial notes of vanilla, molasses and caramel, along with pineapple and oak. The velvety palate offers caramelized sugar, butterscotch, milk chocolate, molasses and tropical fruit, giving way to softer notes of oak, tobacco and subtle hogo. The finish is long and dry, offering vanilla, molasses, oak and orange zest. This is a sublime rum that’s well worth seeking out. -Daniel Djang

Papagayo Anejo (Paraguay)

Papagayo Spiced Rum builds on this acclaimed flavor by adding the additional step of barrel-aging in wood with natural vanilla, chili peppers, and ginger in the warmth of the Paraguayan sun, giving the rum a deep (and completely natural) color and a complex flavor, packing a delectable aroma and just the right balance of sweetness and hot pepper punch.

Paranubes Rum (Oaxaca)

The liquid is clear in the glass, with a pungent, funky scent and bold notes of banana and cinnamon on the palate, finishing fiery, though with a pleasing, fleeting grassy exhale.

Parce Rum 8 YR (Colombia)

Parce 8 year is playful, offering an exquisite aroma of cherries and candied fruit, a pleasing initial taste that is not cloyingly sweet, with a light, easy body and a smooth warm finish with a gentle hint of oak.

Parce Rum 12 YR (Colombia)

Exquisite aroma of cherries and candied fruit, a pleasing initial taste that is not cloyingly sweet, with a light, easy body and a smooth warm finish with a gentle hint of oak.

Plantation 3 Star (Barbados)

A skillful blend of the best the Caribbean has to offer from Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad. Aromas of tropical fruits intertwined with brown sugar and ripe banana with a finish of sugarcane, fresh fruits and vanilla.

Plantation 5 yr (Barbados)

A very fine blend of Barbados rums, aged for five years in Bourbon casks in the Caribbean then refined in old French oak casks at Château de Bonbonnet. Its succulent nose, typical of the Barbados style, reveals notes of toasted coconut, fudge and oaky vanilla.

Plantation Anniversary (Barbados)

Selected rums aged for long years in the Caribbean are painstakingly blended by their cellar master at Château de Bonbonnet then matured in small French oak casks for a further 12 to 18 months. Double aging gives the rum an incomparably round and creamy palate. The
color of old mahogany, Plantation XO 20th Anniversary reveals a nose with exotic notes of sugarcane, oaky vanilla and toasted coconut, enhanced by more complex aromas of cocoa, candied orange and cigar box.

Plantation Barbados 2001

A blend of rums distilled in column and traditional pot stills, aged 9 years in Bourbon and sherry casks then 3 years in Cognac casks, this rum is a perfect example of the finest Barbados rums: voluptuous, soft and fruity. A nose with exotic fruits, plantain banana and ripe pineapple.

Plantation Dark (Trinidad)

Plantation Original Dark is a blend of Trinidad brown rums matured in young Bourbon casks. Faithful to the light and elegant style of the island, the rum has a slightly smoky nose with refined notes of banana, citrus peel and clove.

Plantation Ice Wine Cask Finish (Guatemala)

Guatemalan Rums finished in ice wine casks - light, sweet, unique.

Plantation Jamaica

Intense and highly aromatic as a result of long fermentation and pot-still distillation, Plantation Jamaica is faithful to its origins. A lovely mahogany color, it reveals a wide range of exotic aromas on the nose, with marked notes of pineapple, cooked mango, clove
and nutmeg.

Plantation Overproof (Trinidad)

A stunning overproof rum sourced from Trinidad and created by the Cognac Ferrand estate. Guava and brown sugar in the nose and a fiery finish of wood and cane syrup.

Plantation Peru 2004

It reveals essences of ripe figs, both the fruit and the leaf, and mango, then develops notes of rich pastry, almond and white pepper.

Plantation Pineapple

A blend of Trinidad brown rums matured in young Bourbon casks, infused with Queen Victoria pineapples for three months, and further mixed with a distillate of macerated pineapple rinds and white rum before a final rest in the barrel.

Plantation Trinidad 2005

Rising fruit notes create a citrus explosion of lemon and pear, followed by grilled almond, popcorn and paprika. It is a fresh and floral rum, perfect as an after diner drink.

Pyrat XO Reserve Rum (West Indies)

This blend of select fifteen year-old Caribbean rums is distinguished by its smooth taste and delicious flavor.

Real McCoy 5 yr (Barbados)

Sweet honey caramel aromas with a hint of vanilla and dried orange peel. Warm, caramel flavor with hints of oak and orange peel that are wonderfully balanced with notes of sweet vanilla. Enjoy the lingering dry finish neat.

Real McCoy 10 yr (Barbados)

There's more sweetness, more molasses, more spice, and more weight than the standard 12 year edition despite the younger age statement and the rum finishes with a Bourbon-like kick. The blend is comprised of the two wood types, aged separately and then blended together.

Real McCoy 12 yr (Barbados)

The nose has demerara sugar with maple candy. Candied vanilla and caramel on the palate lead to a rich, smooth finish that lingers.

Ron Abuelo 12 YR

Aged in American white oak ex-Bourbon barrels. Beautiful aroma, fudge and tobacco and a full bodied finish of butterscotch, honey and tobacco.

Ron Cartavio 12 yr (Peru)

Vanilla, light caramel, cocoa and dried fruit all jostle for attention on the nose; they continue to duke it out on the palate, with some restrained sweetness (likely from sherry barrels) wrapped in silky texture bringing a touch of decorum to the bout. In the end, it's a draw between sweet and dry, spicy and fruity.

Ron del Barrilito (Puerto Rico)

Medium body with a natural dark reddish color. Aromas of almonds, vanilla, raisins, and bananas with a strong woody backbone. Very smooth and fruity sweetness with a lingering smoky finish.

Ron Duran 12 yr (Panama)

Aromas of buttery wet oak, cola nut and pistachio lead to creamy dry vanilla, orange blossom, dried fruits and toffee before a subtle hint of anise. On the palate, a well balanced coconut husk entry walks a fine line between sweet and dry as it cascades through cream soda, dark fruit, custard, toasted oak and coconut husk before dry toasted wood with hints of anise.

Ron Medellin 12 yr Rum (Columbia)

The wood together with the time transform ardor and crudeness, in softness and smoothness; for these properties it presents a personality of its own and a good body; a pleasant and uniform taste of great fineness, roundness and delicacy.

Santa Teresa 1796 (Venezuela)

Brown rum distilled from molasses. A blend of 8 to 12 year old rums then solera aged for another year in used whisky and bourbon barrels.

Scarlet Ibis (Trinidad)

Blend of three to five year aged Trinidad rums highlighting distinctive notes of the island's small cask rum production. The rich flavors drawn from the sugarcane are considered reflective of Trinidad's diverse terrain, from lush mountains to rainforests and rolling plains.

Selvarey Rum

Handcrafted in the jungles of Panama, Selvarey elegantly blends three and five-year-old rums, distilled in 1922 copper column stills and aged in bourbon casks, for the perfect rum to sip or mix.

The Street Pumas Rum (Panama)

A dynamic white rum distilled from molasses in Panama at a site that shares lineage with the iconic distilleries of Nicaragua. This bright, floral, molasses-forward Panama rum, is imported to Jerez at full strength, where it is gently reduced to 42% ABV for bottling.

Wray & Nephew Overproof

The nose is fruity. Notes of molasses and spice. The palate is fruity and a little spirity. There are notes of banana and Demerara as well as spice and a little oak. The finish is long and spiced.

Zafra 21yr Rum

Nose: Mocha, raspberry and brandied cherry. Currant buns and lemon tart later on.

Palate: Very creamy. Soft caramel and milky coffee leading into brown sugar and Curaçao orange peels. Some spicy black liquorice notes.

Finish: Waxy peels, cardamom and brandied cherries again.