World Whiskey

Akashi (Japan)

The aroma is delicate with notes of marshmallow, barrel spices, raw corn, and vanilla. As you taste, the same notes are found and the whisky is soft and full on your palate. Enjoy!

Amrut Single Malt (India)

Aromas of caramelized biscuits, coffee and spice. A taste of oak, barley, blood orange and a buttery finish with hints of cocoa and dark sugar.

Amrut Cask Strength (India)

Aromas of caramelized biscuits, coffee and spice. A taste of oak, barley, blood orange and a buttery finish with hints of cocoa and dark sugar. Bottled at cask strength.

Amrut Peated (India)

Aromas of sweet cured bacon, smoke, malt and sweet peat with a touch of caramel. Palate is loaded with fruit, malt and tart. Finishes medium, with peat emerging at the end.

Amrut Spectrum (India)

A first in the world whisky, aged initially for 3 years in bourbon barrels then finished for 3 and a half years in a unique cask made from a combination of 5 different types of wood. American, French and Spanish new oak, and ex-Oloroso and ex-PX sherry casks. Big and bold.

Amrut Fusion (India)

Rich, barley and fruit nose with citrus, spices, a creamy sweetness and a hint of peat. Palate is oaky, rich, with gentle peat, coffee and dark chocolate notes. Long, spicy sweet finish with a touch of citrus.

Armorik Whiskey (France)

Armorik's Classic is produced at the Warenghem distillery in Lannion in the north of Brittany and is a marriage of sherry and bourbon cask whiskies of various ages.

Armorik Double Maturation (France)

An innovative malt from this Breton distillery. The whisky is aged first in Breton oak casks before being finished in sherry casks. This whisky has a real marine influence, which no doubt comes from the distillery's coastal location.

Armorik Millesime 2002 (France)

A single cask 2002 vintage (millésime) release from Armorik, produced at the Warenghem distillery in Brittany. This 13-year-old whisky was aged in a cask which was previously used for oloroso sherry.

Brenne Single Malt (France)

A French single malt harvested, distilled, bottled and matured in Cognac, France. A delightful nose of jackfruit, apple, creme brûlée, bananas and ginger and a smooth, clean, creamy finish.

English Whiskey Co. Peated Single Malt

Released by the English Whisky Co., this is an English peated single malt whisky, rich in smoke and white pepper notes. This develops notes of lemon drizzle cake, vanilla and tropical fruit on the palate.

Fukano Whisky (Japan)

This rare spirit is aged much like a bourbon in new oak casks. Complex aromatics and texture on the palate are surprising. Vibrant nose of nut brittle, spiced fruit, lemon rind, and almond butter. Subtle ocean quality with supreme drinkability.

Hakushu 12 YR (Japan)

A nose of basil, pine needle and green apple. A palate of sweet pear, mint and kiwi and a finish of green tea and subtle smoke.

Hibiki Harmony Whisky

Aroma of pineapple, plum, raspberry, honey and hibiscus. A palate of banana, pomegranate, custard, and pink pepper.

Ichiros Malt & Grain Whiskey (Japan)

Made with both malt and grain whisky. Peach, dried apricot, sweet butterscotch and citrus zest aromas. Toffee first on the palate followed by gingerbread, tropical fruits, black pepper and fresh cut hay. Finish is medium length with vanilla and dried tropical fruit.

Kaiyo Cask Strength Mizunara (Japan)

Kaiyo Cask Strength Japanese Whisky is matured in the finest Mizunura oak casks. The casks are hand made due to the Mizunura oaks delicate wood grain. Extremely smooth with great complexity and a lovely balance of fruit, silky malt, and a touch of dark chocolate.

Kaiyo Mizunara Oak Whiskey (Japan)

Kaiyo Japanese whisky is final ocean matured whisky aged in Mizunura Oak. These are the most expensive barrels in the world. Made from barley and un-chill filtered. Delicate nose with vanilla, ripe dried fruit and hints of cherry, with a long lingering finish.

Kaiyo Peated Whiskey (Japan)

Aged traditionally first in madeira casks and then transferred to Mizunara oak casks. The aging process continues on a unique sea voyage. Notes of smoke, cherry blossom, and honey with a long dry finish.

Kurayoshi Pure Malt (Japan)

This pure malt whisky has been aged for more than 3 years in ex-bourbon white oak casks. It has a soft malt aroma that is fragrant and refreshing. The flavor is raisins, nuts, and vanilla, with a balance of tart and sweet that harmoniously spread throughout your mouth.

Kurayoshi 8YR Malt (Japan)

Nose / Aroma / Smell
Almonds and malt.

Flavor / Taste / Palate
Fruit-forward with green apple, more almond, orange zest, and vanilla caramels.

Gentle and smooth.

Kurayoshi 12YR Malt (Japan)

Nose / Aroma / Smell
Warm roasted nuts and malt.

Flavor / Taste / Palate
Vanilla toffee, sultanas, and toasted wood with a hint of tart cherry.

Soft and smooth.

Kurayoshi 18YR Malt (Japan)

Nose / Aroma / Smell
A deep and rich perfume of jasmine and honey.

Flavor / Taste / Palate
A delicate balance of vanilla and mint with a sweet hint of toasted wood and cardamom.

Smooth and satisfying.

Mars Iwai Tradition Whiskey (Japan)

Japan's highest distillery at 800 meters in Miyata village in Nagano Prefecture, situated between the north and south Alps of Japan. Mars Shinshu distillery was founded in 1985 by Hombo Shuzo Ltd. Tasting notes of ripe cherry, honey toffee with a beautiful ginger spice.

Michel Couvreur (French)

This bottling is the vatting of 54 malt whiskies between 12 and 27 years old. On the palate it is initially light, with features emerging slowly: almond-peat, cashew, golden brown sugar, wheat. The finish is whisper-quiet, loaded with vanilla and toasted almond.

Navazos Single Malt (Spain)

The sweetness and sherry influence is more subtle than the single grain version by this same producer. There is more tart fruit flavor and spicy complexity mixed in with vanilla and caramel. The finish is deliciously reminiscent of salted, dark chocolate covered pretzels.

Nikka Coffey Grain (Japan)

The Nikka Coffey Grain is the result of a unique distillation process in “Coffey” type column stills, which are normally used for grain whisky production. This 100% malt bottling offers a surprisingly rich texture.

Ohishi Sherry Cask (Japan)

Distilled and bottled at Ohishi Distillery in Japan using malted and unmalted rice. Aged in a sherry cask. Rich, soft, and balanced.

Penderyn Madeira Single Malt Whisky (Wales)

This Gold Medal award winning single malt is crafted in the only distillery in Wales. The unique whisky is matured in bourbon barrels and finished in Madeira casks resulting in cream toffee, rich fruit and raisin aromas balanced by the sweet dryness of vanilla on the finish.

Rampur Single Malt (India)

Made from specially selected barley grown at the foot of the Himalayas. Carefully distilled in small batches and aged in American white oak bourbon barrels. Non-chill filtered to preserve full aromas.

Reisetbauer 15YR (Austria)

Aged exclusively in TBA casks, this expression boasts flavors of grape pomace, wild cherry pits, dried banana, and baking chocolate. Tremendous depth from one of the world’s finest distillers.

Sierra Norte Black Corn Whiskey (Mexico)

Made in Oaxaca from native Heritage corn. Penetrating aromas of maraschino cherry and banana peel. The palate showcases deep plantain flavor. Finishes with notes of vanilla cake and almond.

Sierra Norte White Corn Whiskey (Mexico)

Made in Oaxaca from native Heritage corn. Slightly sweet and fruity aromas with notes of vanilla and almond. The palate showcases green apple flavor. Finishes smooth with cinnamon spice.

Sullivan's Cove (Australia)

Nose: Melted dark chocolate and red wine gums open up a big fruity nose. Hints of anise, white pepper and coconut.

Palate: Jelly babies and a little more white pepper dominate the palate entry with cinnamon and a lick of fresh cut grass developing.

Finish: The finish is swift but substantial with fruitcake notes.

Suntory Toki (Japan)

This clear gold spirit features aromas of basil, green apple, and honey. On the palate it highlights grapefruit, more green apples, peppermint, and thyme. Finishes subtly sweet and spicy with a hint of vanilla oak, white pepper, and ginger. Smooth and versatile overall.

Yamazaki 12 YR (Japan)

Aroma of peach, pineapple, clove, candied orange, vanilla and Japanese oak. A taste of coconut, cranberry and butter and a finish of sweet ginger and cinnamon. One sip shall transport your senses to Kyoto on a spring day.