Hacienda Chihuahua Sotol


Aromatic floral notes with oaky vanilla and light spice in the background.

La Higuera Sotol Dasylirion


The La Higuera Dasylirion Cedrosanum is produced with Dasylirion cooked in traditional outdoor ovens. The cooked plants are then milled by hand with axes before fermentation in pine vats and distillation in alembic stills.

Sotol Por Siempre


The nose features lime and grapefruit peel along with a bit of white pepper. A bit of earthiness also presents itself, and just a whisper of smoke appears. The palate is slightly sweet, with wet cement and saddle leather notes, before a rush of smoke and white pepper.

Flor del Desierto Sierra


Flor del Desierto Sierra is made by Jose Armando Fernandez Flores is made from Dasylirion Wheeleri grown and distilled in the Madera region of Chihuahua. The plants are cooked in shallow pits fueled by oak firewood, shredded by axe, knife and finally cow stomping before being open-air fermented in wood tanks and distilled in clay.

Flor del Desierto Desierto


Flor del Desierto Desert is made by third-generation producer Gerardo Ruelas in Coyame del Sotol, Chihuahua from the Dasylirion Leiophyllum plant. The sotols are cooked in shallow pits fueled by oak firewood, shredded by axe and knife, open-air fermented in below-ground tanks, and double-distilled in copper pot stills. It is savory with notes of sage smoke and leather along with an underlying salinity and finish of black peppercorn.

Pizcatores Sotol



La Venenosa Occidental


Rich fruit notes like papaya and avocado with a vibrant, citrusy finish. Tasty stuff.

La Venenosa Sur de Jalisco


Earthy aroma with notes of cedar and pine. Great balance of smoke and agave and crisp, dry finish. The agave for this raicilla is roasted in a wood fired adobe oven. It is distilled twice in a Filipino still made out of copper and a hollowed out tree trunk. Rustic & sublime.

La Venenosa Tabernas Raicilla


Tabernas is made from cultivated agave Maximiliana in the village of La Vieja by Don Antonio Arrizon. The agave is roasted in an adobe clay oven fueled by black oak. It is then fermented in oak vats with natural yeast, then distilled once in a stainless steel alembic Arabic-Filipino hybrid still. The nose has citrus peals and herbs. The palate is dry with notes of cooked agave.

La Venenosa Puntas Raicilla


La Venenosa Puntas is a prized and rare spirit. The puntas in this case refers to the upper portions of the agave hearts and the portion of the distillate separated right above them. This Raicilla is 63% ABV (126 proof!), but it is elegant, subtle, and incredibly complex. It’s produced by Gerardo Pena (the cousin of Don Ruben Pena) with agave Maximiliana in Jacales, Jalisco. This Raicilla is fermented in a 200 litre oak vat and double distilled in a stainless steel still.

Las Perlas Raicilla




Rancho Tepua Bacanora Blanco


Rancho Tepúa Bacanora Blanco is produced using 100% agave Pacifica and cooked underground for 36 hours and then fermented with wild yeasts in stainless steel vats for 8-10 days. It is then distilled twice in an Arabic alembic still that has a stainless steel pot and a copper condenser. The ABV changes slightly from batch to batch.