Irish Whiskey

Bushmills Original


A classic Irish blend composed of single malts combined with grain whisky that has been matured for five years in Bourbon barrels. An aroma of fresh vanilla and peaches and a finish that is creamy, smooth and tasty.

Bushmills Black Bush


A beautiful blend of mostly malted barley aged 11 years in Oloroso Sherry casks. A nose of dark fruit and malt and a rich, medium to full bodied finish.

Bushmills 10 yr


A delicious and gentle 10 yr single malt with an aroma of milk chocolate, biscuits and apricots and a floral, gently tannic finish. A lovely daily dram that is a perfect expression of Irish whiskey - gentle, elegant, and engaging.

Bushmills 16 yr


Decadent and lovely single malt Irish whisky aged in Bourbon, Sherry and Port casks. A nose of caramelised raisins, figs and dark chocolate and a bold taste of holiday spice, honey and berries.

Bushmills 21 yr


Bushmills Single Malt Whiskey 21 year old is aged for a minimum of 19 years in former Oloroso Sherry and Bourbon-seasoned casks, then transferred into Madeira casks for a further 2 years. It has huge depth that interweaves dried fruit flavors with spicy, aromatic maltiness and subtle, nutty, raisins notes and hints of mint and tamarind.

Connemara Peated


Ireland’s only peated single malt. Sweet, herbaceous, floral nose and a malty, peaty taste and a honeyed smoke finish. Similar to a Scottish Lowland malt but with Irish charm added.

Hyde No. 1 President's Sherry Cask


NOSE: Delightful peaches and cream, vanilla, barley malt softness, with citrus, sweet, honey, caramel, chocolate, orange, lemon & infused with spices.
TASTE: Wonderfully smooth yet complex, creamy yet fruity with notes of caramel and Manuka honey, apricot, plum, and a silky malt texture.
FINISH: Rich, spicy and oaky. It lingers in the mouth with a long rich finish.

Hyde No. 2 President's Rum Cask


NOSE: The aroma is rich with notes of tropical fruits from the Caribbean, passion fruit, vanilla and butter toffee.
TASTE: Notes of sweet rum, vanilla, ginger and lime with notes of apple mango and orange in the background.
FINISH: Rich and spicy with a buttery vanilla finish.

Hyde No. 3 President's Bourbon Cask


NOSE: Cinnamon and clove with succulent sweet caramel flavours. Complex and spicy with sweet American bourbon notes.
TASTE: Robust single grain spices with a touch of cracked black pepper give way to a buttery vanilla and charred oak taste.
FINISH: Long and satisfying, ending with a silky combination of oak and barley.

Hyde No. 6 President's Reserve


NOSE: Delightfully floral notes of vanilla, sweet, honey, caramel, chocolate, and mixed fruit, infused with spices.
TASTE: Wonderfully smooth yet complex, creamy yet fruity with notes of caramel, honey, apricot, and apple, with a silky rich texture.
FINISH: Rich & Oaky. It lingers in the mouth with a rich long finish.

Hyde Single Grain Cask Strength


NOSE: The higher 59% alc. strength delivers a more robust Cinnamon and clove overtone with complex and spicy sweet American bourbon notes.
TASTE: A cracked black pepper and spiciness gives way to a buttery vanilla and charred oak taste.
FINISH: Full and satisfying, ending with a silky smooth finish.

Jack Ryan 12 yr


Matured in ex-Bourbon barrels hand-picked by the Ryan family themselves, to deliver a unique taste. The golden amber glow and nose of sweet, oaky vanilla, sets you up for a delicious mouthful of silky, honey sweetness with a long, warm-hearted, lingering, spicy finish. A fine whiskey to share with sirens and sailors.

Kern Whiskey


The whiskey is distilled in pot stills, blended, and then aged in American oak for 3 to 5 years. A good balance of sweet and dry providing a framework for flavors to emerge. Well structured with honey notes handing from the nose. Sweet, rich, mellow with soft spices at the end.

Kilbeggan Single Grain


Nose: Sponge cake, apricot, icing sugar.
Palate: Buttery at first, before biscuit sweetness and a hint of nutmeg spiciness appears.
Finish: Fizzy oak, lime peel and vanilla.

Lambay Irish Whiskey


Nose: Porridge with honey and cinnamon, a soft hint of torn orange peel.
Palate: Peppery barley and creamy vanilla, mixed with notes of strawberry and peach.
Finish: Lingering cassia and chamomile.

Lambay Single Malt


Nose: Fruity esters, vanilla pod, subtly flint-y. Jamaican Ginger Cake, too...
Palate: Buttery malt, shortbread and a whiff of sugared almond.
Finish: Yellow plum and cardamom.

Lambay Single Malt Cognac Cask




Nose: The nose is oily and fresh with floral notes, cereal grains and plenty of fruit.
Palate: The palate is sweet and of medium-body with toffee and cereals, a rosewater note with a little butterscotch and vanilla.
Finish: The finish is spicy and dry with a little black pepper and oak.

Slane Irish Whiskey


Nose: Sweet oak and toasted barley at first, with layers of caramel and ginger developing later on.
Palate: Victoria Sponge Cake with plenty of jam and cream in the middle. A touch of butterscotch.
Finish: More toasty notes linger on the finish.

Teeling Single Cask


Nose: Corinth raisins, dried barley, a hint of mint leaf.

Palate: Fruity as it opens, with apricot, orange peel and blueberry. Subtly drying as it develops.

Finish: Slightly spicy, with a subtle sweetness of milk chocolate.

Teeling Single Malt


Luscious single malt aged in Sherry, Port, Madeira, White Burgundy and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Teeling Small batch


A blended whiskey with high malt content that is aged in rum casks. A nose of baked apples, allspice and orange and a creamy, fruity, sweet finish. Delicious and delightful.

The Pogues


An Irish Whiskey from the band The Pogues and West Cork Distillers (not to be be confused with the American whiskey Old Pogue). The Pogues Whiskey is said to have the highest malt content of any blended Irish whiskey and it was developed by Barry Walsh and Frank McHardy.

The Temple Bar 10 yr


A single malt Irish whiskey from an undisclosed distillery. This has been entirely aged for 10 years in ex-Bourbon barrels.

Tipperary Irish Whiskey


Nose: Fragrant orange oil and fresh pineapple, with a hint of caramel underneath.
Palate: Light oak at first, before yet more juicy tropical fruits bring sweetness.
Finish: Lemon curd, honey and milky coffee.

Tullamore Dew 10 yr


NOSE: Complex raisiny fruit that carries notes of berries, orchard and citrus start things off on the right foot. Accompanied by some malty and sweet winey notes along with hints of spice, wood, fruit leather, and vanilla bean it makes for a nice rich sniffing experience.
PALATE: The palate is considerably duller and more muddled than the nose, but nonetheless it starts off malty and fruity with notes of wood, spice and graham. Light winey notes show up towards the end and even though it’s more muddled than the nose it’s still quite nice.
FINISH: Long fruity and malty speckled with notes of wood, spice, chocolate Twizzlers and ash.

Tullamore Dew 18 yr


Nose: Spicy malt with developing hints of sherry-soaked raisin and cinnamon.
Palate: Soft fruit as it opens, leading into bourbon-cask vanilla and toasted bread.
Finish: Caramel and chocolate, with a zesty spark of orange and fruitcake.

Tullamore Dew Caribbean Cask


Nose: Cherry, mango and caramelised apples. Elegant barley earthiness in the background.
Palate: Lemon and tangy pineapple, balanced by burnt sugar and cedar.
Finish: Orange zest and fizzy cola bottles.

Tyrconnell 10 yr Port Cask


The nose is fruity and thick with notes of roots, tropical fruits, mixed conserves and a green character. The palate is jammy and thick. There is a marked sweetness with notes of barley sugar and malt. The finish is sweet and long with marmalade and a little oak.

Tyrconnell Madeira Cask


A delicious 10 yr single malt with notes of caramel, barley, chocolate, pineapple and toffee.

Tyrconnell Sherry Cask


A 10 yr single malt from Cooley, finished in Sherry casks. Bold nose of raisins and berries and a custard, Sherry-ridden finish that is divine.

West Cork Bourbon Cask


Nose: Vanilla, hay, biscuit crumbs, touch of glue and yellow fruit.
Palate: Poached pear, buffalo grass, a little light caramel.
Finish: Short with some orchard fruit and pepper.